If you have used the PhotoBook dataset in your work and have an accepted peer-reviewed paper about it, we would be happy to add it to this bibliography. Please contact Ece Takmaz if you are interested.

The PhotoBook Dataset: Building Common Ground through Visually-Grounded Dialogue
In Proceedings of the 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), 2019.
Janosch Haber, Tim Baumgärtner, Ece Takmaz, Lieke Gelderloos, Elia Bruni, Raquel Fernández

Refer, Reuse, Reduce: Generating Subsequent References in Visual and Conversational Contexts
To appear in Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP), 2020.
Ece Takmaz, Mario Giulianelli, Sandro Pezzelle, Arabella Sinclair, Raquel Fernández

Grounded and Ungrounded Referring Expressions in Human Dialogues
To appear in Proceedings of the 7th Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics (CLiC-it), 2020.
Eleonora Gualdoni, Raffaella Bernardi, Raquel Fernández, Sandro Pezzelle